New episode of Food Bites featuring Kelsey Nixon, Maple syrup, bologna and nudity!

Food Bites Episode 2

In which our hero make pizza cupcakes and eats many hamburgers…

Food Bites episode 1

Food Bites Premieres

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Friends, family and enemies of mine.  I’m very happy to announce that after a lengthy gestation period, my new show, Food Bites, will be birthed unto the world. Just in time for it to end.

The show will be a weekly 3-5 minute summation of the world of food including Food Network and Cooking Channel clips as well as featuring the true culinary champions of the web.   People like The Epic Meal time crew, the undisputed gods of the food web with 3,000,000,000 followers and their new show Epic Chef.  We’ll check in with Jolene Sugarbaker, the trailer park queen and her unique brand of culinary sex appeal.  We will have high profile in-studio guests such The Punk Ass Chef and Alie and Georgia, The Classy Ladies.

We will have recurring segments like News Nibbles, keeping you informed of what’s happening now in the world of food.  Food blogger extraordinaire, Eddie Lin , of Deep End Dining will be seen as the Food Bites field correspondent taking us daring adventures of gastronomical taboos.  Eddie ain’t afraid to put anything in his mouth!

Please support this new show by liking it, tweeting it, embedding it, cross dressing it and subscribing to it.  On the show I’ll  be asking for your feedback, thoughts and suggestions for future episodes which you can post here or on Twitter or on The Facebook.  Click here or on my dumb face below starting at 3pm est or 12pm pst on 12/20/12 for episode 1.  Enjoy the show.



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