Sausage Tour ’13-Coming To A Costco Near You


Gertlers_All small thai small uber small kielbasa small pastrami smallGertler’s Wurst, my passion project of the past three years is finally hitting the road!  We’ll be doing road shows at certain Costco stores and if all goes well, My wursts will be available in those regions.  Unlike last year when I attempted to sell sausages online, this time I have four varieties of Gertler’s Wursts that we’ll be selling for a fraction of the cost.

When I tried to sell the sausages online I had to ship overnight which made the product prohibitively expensive.  OK, full disclosure, I stated that I was charging $15 for shipping but the fact is that the shipping was more like $60-$90.  It was rough and I disappointed many fans by not making the product easier to get at a better price.  I have a great partner and we  plan to sell Gertler’s Wurst at Costco stores.  We will be doing road shows at certain Costco regions, not all, but some.  For a list of where the road shows will be visit the Gertler’s Wurst Page.  Again, this is just the start, if we do well in these regions, I believe we will move into the other regions as well.

I am so proud of this product as it reflects hundreds of hours spent by myself, my family and my friends cutting, grinding, stuffing and smoking.   Even though we’re making the wurst on a larger scale we’re still using fresh herbs, fresh chillies, fresh garlic and real cheese.  These types of ingredients and our inventive flavors are what separate Gertler’s Wurst from other products on the market.  My philosophy is “If someone else is making it already, then we don’t need to”.  Gertler’s Wurst will bring an element of surprise to your backyard barbecue.  Your guests will want to know where you got these unbelievable sausages and you will be tempted not to tell them so you can keep it as your little secret.  But tell them you will.  I repeat, once you’ve tasted my sausages, tried them, and love them please, please, please spread the word.

 The Line Up:

The Pastrami dog.  This is one of my first original creations and has been featured on Food Network’s Best Thing I Ever Made and recently won “Best Old School Street” at The L.A. Street Food Festival.  Inspired by old school smoked pastrami this all beef dog is great served as a “Reuben Dog” with Gruyere Cheese, home made 1000 Island dressing, and either sauerkraut or Cole Slaw. 

Thai Red Curry wurst.  My spiciest sausage, inspired by a trip to Thailand.  Seasoned with Thai Red Curry Paste, kaffir lime and galangal. I like to serve this with a som tom slaw and either a Thai peanut sauce or reduced coconut milk.  The flavor also makes one of the best Thai fried rice dishes I’ve ever had.

Garlic Herb Kielbasa.  An homage to Wijeska, a Polish sausage prepared with fresh marjoram.  mine has thyme, marjoram and chunks of fresh garlic.  I felt that kielbasa, with it’s wonderful lineage in Polish cuisine had become the equivalent of generic lunch meat baloney, which itself is based on the Italian Mortadella.  I felt it was time to reclaim kielbasa.

Über Käse, Smoked Cheddar Wurst.  Loosely translated in poor German it means “Lord Of The Cheese” .  A flavorful smoked pork sausage studded with pockets of cheddar cheese, mild chilies and fresh herbs.  Inspired by the smoky links that I’ve had at my favorite Texas barbecue joints.  Hard not to like this one.

If you’re in The SoCal area, please check out one of The Dog Haüs locations.



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