Celebrate The Superbowl with Gertler's Wurst

Check your local store for availability - currently available at Costco stores in the northeast.

Sausage Tour 2014 - see Adam Live in-person and sample the new sausage!

Meet Adam at Costco stores in the following cities. Sample and purchase Gertler's Wurst.

Gertler's Wurst - The Original Pastrami Dog

Adam and his Original Pastrami Dog - Gertler's Wurst

The Original Pastrami Dog

You may know me from various television shows where my passion for food is readily on display.

It is that very passion which has inspired me to develop my own line of sausages, the first of which was the original pastrami dog.

I made many batches before it was good enough to be called my wurst.

The Gertler's Wurst Line-Up

Gertler's Wurst Pastrami Dog
Pastrami Dog - Get cooking tips and recipes
Gertler's Wurst Garlic Herb Smoked Kielbasa
Smoked Kielbasa - Get cooking tips and recipes
Thai Style Red Currywurst
Red Currywurst - Get cooking tips and recipes
Uber Kase Smoked Cheddarwurst
Smoked Cheddarwurst- Get cooking tips and recipes

See how the sausage is made

Making sausages started out as just a hobby. Something fun to play around with in my spare time.

Then, we thought it would be fun to sell our wurst at pop-ups all over the Los Angeles area.

Now, just a few years after my first grind, we're able to bring "Gertler's Wurst" to anyone who wants it.

Gertler's Wurst is available at The Dog Haus.

Gertler's Wurst Photo Gallery Slideshow

Adam Gertler Pastrami Dog Thai Red Currywurst Uber Kase Cheddarwurst Garlic Herb Smoked Kielbasa Adam Gertler with Gertler's Wurst Awesome Stir Fry The Reuben Dog Chedda-Wich Gertler's Wurst Skillet Kitchen Man Spicy Wurst Pickeled! Wurst on a plate Plate of Wurst

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LA Street Food Festival
Winner, Best Old School Food

Gertler’s Wurst took the first prize at the LA Street Food Fest

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